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The Anti-Oppression Educators Collective (AOEC) is a provincial specialist association dedicated to challenging systemic oppression in education. Formed in 2019, we were formerly known as The BC Peace and Global Educators. Our name change reflects the organization’s desire to focus on peace and international solidarity, however through a framework of anti-oppression. We know injustice is rooted in the historical formation of colonialism, and the only way to justice is to unlearn the colonial. We invite you to join our PSA and embark on this challenging and invigorating work with us!


We are pleased to announce that those interested in supporting the Provincial Specialist work that we do here at AOEC can now join online. Your membership is valuable for our organization as it directly supports the work that is done to get resources into the hands of teachers who want to make a difference. If you're not already a member, please consider joining today.

Reasons to join the AOEC PSA

Become an activist for social responsibility through an anti oppression framework

Participate in an interactive annual conference centered on unlearning colonial structures

Receive opportunities for professional development and networking


Gain further access to information and resources concerning our profession

Join a growing network of amazing teachers with like minded concerns about social justice

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